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Gonbae Premium Tap Handles

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Bokdera is proud to announce our newest brand: Gonbae.

Gonbae Logo
Gonbae Logo

"Gonbae" is a festive Korean word that means "cheers!" Gonbae's passion is to create products that support life's finest moments that call for a toast. Our first product is for all the homebrewers, pubs, and bars out there creating and pouring the finest libations from a tap.

Gonebe's Premium Tap Handle with a Removable & Magnetic Chalkboard is coming soon. Be on the lookout for our product launch coming Spring 2021! Follow us on Instagram for our latest updates: @gonbae.tap.handles

Tap Handle with the words, "Happy New Yeaer 2021"
Happy New Year

So would you grab your favorite mug, pour yourself a glass of your finest drink, and raise a glass with us. "Gonbae!"

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